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SafeSpace Indonesia

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an Indonesia-based home of

storytellers, lyricists, spoken word poets, and more

We are building a non-judgmental and safe space for expression. We welcome everyone from all walks of life to express themselves.

We had teachers, scientists, aspiring musicians, and first-timers perform at our first event.

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We aim to make arts more accessible than ever.

We believe access to arts and safe spaces is a right.

We strive to make our events to be free of charge.

Our catch? Come with an open, empathetic mind and support others.

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Our first event was

featured on The Jakarta Post

by Felix Martua

Become our next performer or audience! Our next event will be in September 2023.

You can perform your poem, music, or a combination of both.

You can also just come as an audience!

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We hosted our first event in December 2022

Previous Performers

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Vanessa "Ghandiee_"

Performed an original piece involving verses enmeshed in lyrical chants and melodies

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Dhia Fairus

A CEO in her week days, performed her heartfelt original compositions: "Tidurlah" and "Permata"

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Khrisna Ray

A Wayang puppeteer and theater actor who delivered a beautiful fusion piece

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An eleven year old who bravely delivered her heartfelt poem about Indonesia

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Performed a theatrical tribute in honor of her family and their precious life

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Firnita is a spoken word-poet who writes bits of everything (including two published books)


inspire and empower attendees

to reach new heights in their personal and professional lives

future performers

Beyond spoken word poets

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expand the boundaries of understanding and inspire others to push the limits of what is possible


explore the depths of human experience and stimulate new perspectives through art

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Become our partner and gain these benefits


By creating space for people from all walks of life, your company could gain even more positive reputation, tapping into different communities.


Throughout the event, we will be promoting your company. This includes during our opening speeches, performance changes, break announcements, and more.


Your company would be featured on our promotional and media materials. This includes but is not limited to our posters, advertisements, performance backdrop, any handouts, and more.

... and you can also discover new talent from different fields.

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Connect with Lulu & Andra, SafeSpace Indonesia's initiators

SafeSpace Indonesia

Email: safespace.indo@gmail.com

Instagram: @safespace_indo